Bucks County Bucket List

Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the trees and flowers are in bloom, what a beautiful time of year.

We decided to put a "Warm Weather" Bucks County Bucket list together to celebrate all of the amazing things

we have at our fingertips as Bucks County residents.

View our Bucket List below and read what our Coterie crew likes to do in Bucks.

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Plant for Pollinators: This year we planted seedlings that we started at a workshop with local flower farmer, Annie of Wildbird Flowers. We also planted milkweed for the butterflies and trumpet vine for the hummingbirds. I like to buy plants from the farmer's market and local nurseries like Ash's and Spring Valley. The Churchville Nature Center has a native plant sale every spring, I highly recommend it.

Pick Berries at Your Favorite Farm: I like to visit my friend Farmer Jay at Wildemore Farm every picking season. We pick blueberries and strawberries. My husband roasts the strawberries and makes strawberry ice cream. So delicious!

Go On a Picnic: We like to pack a picnic and head to the natural playground at the Churchville Nature Center. My kids love to find frogs, snakes and turtles. We spend the whole day.

Eat Cheese: I am partial to The Board Housewife Cheese Shop. Emily carries a cheese called Vampire Slayer and I dream about it. So dang good!

Plant for pollinators: My favorite place to buy plants is Ash's Farm Garden! They have an incredible selection and it's always a favorite part of any shifting season to walk their outdoor market and see what's in bloom and what I can bring home to my own garden.

We LOVE to go blueberry and cherry picking at Solebury Orchards. As soon as the season hits we head out to their idyllic farm and pick as many berries as we can, which usually amount to cartons upon delicious cartons! We bring them home to bake them into treats (our favorite being blueberry gateau!),or we freeze them into popsicles or for later use, as well as just eating them fresh by the fistfuls.

We love to pack a picnic and walk over to the beautiful grounds at Fonthill Castle. The kids love to hike through the trails, look for frogs in the reflection pond, and gather dandelions to make flower crowns. The backdrop of the castle is a perfect photo backdrop for a family photo.

Our favorite place for a sweet treat is Evolution Candy. James and Tracy are the most fun-loving and kind people you'll ever meet and their thoughtful selection of goodies is sure to please everyone in our family from oldest to youngest.

Eat cheese: The Board Housewife, obvi! What makes ordering a cheese

board from The Board Housewife special is that it’s not only visually

appealing but also offers a variety of unique cheeses that are hard to

find at your average grocery store.

Buy honey: We love Hollow House Farms. They do such a beautiful job

curating events and are big supporters of the community so we love to

support them too!

Flower Farmer: Our most favorite local flower farmer is, of course,

Wildbird Flowers. Annie finds so many unique blooms to grow on her

farm and we love how her arrangements are whimsical and creative.

She's the sweetest with the sweetest little fam and we love to be able

to support them through supporting her biz.

Sweet Treat: We have two favorite local sweet spots. First is

Evolution Candy, a beloved Doylestown institution. We're so grateful

for local business owners who offer a safe and welcoming space for our

kids to enjoy when they’re out in town. Second, we love Annie's Water

Ice during the summer for a twist with sprinkles. Pro tip: ask for

tops and bottoms. You'll thank us later.

Picnic: Our favorite spot to have a picnic is by DelVal along the bike

trail. We love to bike there, especially when the cherry blossoms are

in bloom, and have an afternoon picnic on a quiet summer Sunday